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          Campus Updates

          Coronavirus Information

          Get the latest information and updates for the Manhattan College community.  Learn More

          Coronavirus Updates

          With prudent and practical concern for the safety and well-being of our students, faculty, staff, and their families, Manhattan College continues to closely monitor the potential public threat posed by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

          Consistent with our Lasallian Catholic heritage and values, we also hold in prayer all who have been and may be impacted by this unfolding situation.

          Coronavirus Information

          • Commencement is postponed. All commencement events that normally would have taken place in May will be rescheduled to a future date. 
          • Courses will continue in an online format for the remainder of the semester.
          • A procedure is in place to allow students who require campus access to come to campus safely to retrieve belongings. Read the residence hall FAQs page for the latest information and guidance.
          • The O’Malley Library building is closed. We will maintain access to all our online resources, and librarians will be working remotely to provide assistance.
          • All in-person events at Manhattan College are suspended until further notice and unauthorized visitors are not permitted.
          • The College has issued important information on telecommuting options for administrators and staff.
          • College-sponsored student domestic and international travel is suspended until further notice.
          • Non-essential College-related travel is currently suspended for faculty, staff, and administrators.
          • All Manhattan College athletics competitions and practices are canceled for the remainder of the academic year.
          • For more detailed information, read the full campus communications below.
          • Campus Communication | April 3, 安徽快3走势图

            To the Manhattan College Community,

            First, let me say how much I continue to be inspired by the tremendous energy and resilience of our faculty, students, and staff in the face of these extraordinary and disruptive events. As I said in my letter to the community last Sunday, every day I see amazing examples of people rising to the challenge, as we continue to pursue our core mission of excellence in teaching and learning, care for one another, and service to the community. I hope you’ve been following the stories on social media of Jaspers who are finding ways to support efforts to get us through this crisis. April is still Mission Month, even if we have to be especially creative in finding ways to celebrate it! See #JaspersOnaMission.

            While I am sure that the major “news” I have to share today will not be a surprise, it is still heart-wrenching to confirm that we will not be able to host commencement in May.

            In the midst of the current situation, not knowing how long we will be operating under restrictions on our ability to congregate and travel, it is simply impossible to contemplate, much less to plan and execute, an event bringing thousands of people to campus less than six weeks from today.

            This does not mean, however, that we will not be celebrating our graduates—with great joy!—at a future date. While it will take a bit more time for us to settle on the exact dates, I can assure you that the class of 安徽快3走势图—undergraduates, graduate students, members of the Camino program and all who are finishing degrees in the School of Continuing and Professional Studies—will have the opportunity to come together, back on our beloved campus, to reunite, to be recognized for accomplishments and contributions, and to celebrate achievement.  

            All commencement events that normally would have taken place in May will be rescheduled to this future date: Spring Honors Convocation, Baccalaureate Mass, and Commencement ceremonies for graduate students and SCPS, and of course for the great class of 安徽快3走势图! In addition, Student Life is working with Student Government on how best to conduct the social events that are such an important part of the celebrations. 

            Again, my heart goes out to all who are working so hard and with such spirit to continue courses and provide support to our faculty and students. I am confident that we will emerge from this turmoil stronger than ever. To the class of 安徽快3走势图, you are in my thoughts and prayers as you work through what I know is a great disappointment. I look forward eagerly to the day, on the other side of this disruption, when we will gather you together once more before sending you off to do the wonderful things we know you will do.

            God bless you and Go Jaspers!

            Brennan O'Donnell

          Coronavirus FAQs

          In response to an emerging outbreak of a 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), Manhattan College is taking proactive steps to ensure the health and safety of our community. Please refer to our FAQ below for some information to best guide your concerns.


          Contact Information

          If you have any questions or concerns, email covid-19info@

          Additional Information

          For additional information about COVID-19, including signs and symptoms, transmission and risk of exposure, and what to do if you are exhibiting symptoms, please refer to the latest updates from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) websites: